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Debt Consolidation Australia - Privacy

At Debt-Consolidation-Australia we are serious about protecting our clients privacy. When you appoint us as your agent to arrange finance and insurance facilities we are committed to the highest standards of managing personal information. We will adhere to all applicable Government regulations, the basic Principles detailed below, and to the Debt-Consolidation-Australia Privacy Policy.

1. We will collect only the personal information necessary to provide services, administer those services, and to promote our products to our clients and any individuals whose personal information is collected.

2. We will tell the individuals why we are collecting their personal information and what we will need to do with it, to provide the finance and insurance facilities we are arranging on their behalf.

3. Where required by the National Privacy Principles, we will collect information directly from the individuals with whom we deal. Where we need to collect information from other sources we will tell our clients that we are doing this, and why it is necessary.

4. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information is stored securely, protected against misuse or unauthorised access. We will provide ready access to all individuals who wish to correct or update their personal information held by us and, where required by the National Privacy Principles, will provide access to an individual in relation to their personal information.